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GFIA provides fiduciary, management, consulting, and research services to its clients, anchored in its expertise in the evaluation of complex investment propositions. Investment advisoryGFIA provides strategic advice, market intelligence, and...

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Selecting Asian and emerging market managers: Philosophy & Process While emerging markets can provide extraordinarily high directional returns from time to time, for most investors, hedged or absolute return managers...

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CAIA and SMUAA Joint Education session with Erik Knutzen, CIO of NEPC

In October 2013, we have the pleasure of hosting Erik Knutzen, CFA CAIA, the CIO of NEPC, in Singapore.  Erik was recently honoured by aiCIO magazine as the #1 most respected asset consultant globally.  As...

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Pure alpha in Asia is tail risk in disguise

From Komfie Manalo, Opalesque Asia: After spending 15 years in Asia doing fund management business and analyzing the hedge funds industry in the region, Peter Douglas, head of the Singapore-based hedge...

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Alternative news from Asia Pacific for April included:

The Opalesque AMB team reported on the GFIA hedge funds note for April, finding that there had been a significant spike in the number of Asian hedge funds with less than...

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