Established in 1998 as a hedge fund consulting firm (and therefore the longest-established hedge fund consultant in Asia), Singapore-based GFIA’s core skill lies in evaluating complex investment propositions and their managers. GFIA retains a strong focus on Asia and the world’s emerging markets.

GFIA’s services include advising clients on their allocations to external managers, providing strategic advice and market intelligence, and carrying out due diligence. GFIA’s focus is intensely qualitative and aims to create good investment outcomes, within clients’ internal constraints. GFIA uses risk models and quantitative tools only as supporting tools to experience and qualitative analysis.

GFIA does not provide marketing or distribution services to funds.

GFIA is privately owned, and has no corporate or banking affiliations.

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GFIA Timeline

GFIA was founded by Peter Douglas CAIA, a pioneer of the Asian hedge fund industry. He is the principal of the firm, and is chairman of the GFIA investment committee. He is a Singapore IBF Distinguished Fellow, the highest certification mark for a financial practitioner under the IBF Standards. He was an Alternative Investment Management Association (AIMA) Council member for 10 years, was the inaugural Chairman of the Singapore National Group and the inaugural Asia-Pacific regional representative of the Association, responsible for AIMA National Groups in Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, and Singapore. He was the first Asia-based non-executive director of the Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst Association for eight years. He was a co-founder of the Financial Planning Association of Singapore (FPAS). Peter holds an honours degree from the University of Exeter, an MBA from INSEAD, and was the first CAIA charterholder in Singapore.

Peter started his career in fund management in 1985. He has experience in almost every aspect of the fund management industry, a geographical focus on Asia and emerging markets, and particular expertise in manager research and allocation. GFIA was established in 1998 to advise investors allocating to skill-based strategies in Asian markets, Latin America, Middle East, Africa and other frontier markets. In 2010 GFIA added a family office advisory service to its offerings. GFIA covers hedged and boutique absolute return funds investing in Asia and Emerging Markets. Its clients have included professional investors, family offices, and fiduciary institutions.

GFIA maintains a comprehensive and instantly retrievable library of manager information, currently in excess of 100,000 documents.

GFIA has managed, constructed, and advised portfolios investing in to Latin American, Asian, and EMEA frontier alternative funds, as well as global unconstrained long funds.

GFIA is completely independent of any other financial or commercial organization and stresses long-term commitment, training and cohesion amongst its professional staff.


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